Reviews for "Tumbler"

Not bad at all...

As many have said... OOB should be a lost life... not game over. But if you change that... add a level timer and an upgrade system(say, smaller ball, longer power ups, shorte power downs, ect.) and you have a class S game. It was alot of fun, but got a bit repetative since it was randomized and din't everget harder. Also... I prefered the J-tech menue song rather than the tech song that played in game.

Not that bad

As was stated before, the out of bounds rule was retarded. You're doing great, 5+ lives, then BAM your dead because you touched the wall. I think that you should just a life when you touch it.
The graphics were good considering the concept of the game, and I liked how you made the actual field move. Anyway, it was a good game, it just can do without the OOB rule.


Out of bounds rule made it aggrivating, big turnoff for me.


Addictive and exciting. I don`t think there should be an O.B. rule, though.

Good game. But, too easy.

This was a pretty good game but it was WAY too easy. Good job but make your future games harder or with different difficulties (you could also decrease the odds of good items coming and increase odds of bad items as time passes.)