Reviews for "Tumbler"


That was great. It is one of the most radically new ideas I've seen in a while. As said before, I think there needs to be some sort of progression, and also, I would like this game more if it had different modes. Like eah mode is a modification of the old game blah blah blah. I think we all know how modes work....

Anyways, great job on the game.

Best game I'played for a while

Few things that have allready been said to make it better.
The Out of bounds, lose a life, not gameover.

A pause button? If it was there i didnt see it.

Maybe a few extra powerups and difficulty progression

Spining elements great, good work!

good game

Good game, I like the swirling aspect of it that makes it different from other games of this genre. The only problem is that if you get invinciblity while you are already invincible you can get hit again.

More Balls bouncing around

Very fun game. It's like Arkanoid on crack. Love the concept. Good stuff


Is it possible to die? Way too easy man.