Reviews for "Tumbler"


decent fun to play simple game... but I was kicking its ass with like 700 points+ and over 10 lives and then GAME OVER cuz I moved the mouse off course. Damnit. Der.

Pretty fun...

Well, I like it, but you should warn the player at the countdown where to move the mouse to not get spawn-fragged. I like games like this with powerdowns,but I think everything spawns too hoarded. i.e. I once collected a point and because a spikey was on it I lost a life but a wall was in front of me. By the way, what is the music when in-game? (You know, while playing)


I love this game i was going for lyk 5 hours my best round was lyk 30mins but my connection was lost nooooooooo.

pretty fun

pretty addictive although i found out that if you picked up invincibility or enlarge, speed up and slow down could keep those effects, so that helped me out a bit =P the game was pretty easy overall, should of made more bad effects, but pretty fun