Reviews for "Sonic X: Faceoff trailer"

This is the best movie ever made in history

make the full virsion or god help me this movie will not exisit to see the light of day anymore also that is so thight help me make sprites like that and movies make more


dude that was freaken sweet..some of those shots looked really good and very unique..i hope it turns out good

A first-timer??

It's better than others 5th flash!! U sure made a cool preview! Its awesome! Keep up the cool work man, I gave a 5 for this baby!


okay, it said that the movie would be made in 2006. it's 2007, and you might end up abandoning it, but take example from the clocks (the good ones) they spend a year working on it, and quite a few flashes turn out good! please, make the series.


Now it's 2008 and i still don't see any finished movie...
But i like the intro.