Reviews for "CKC - Touch of Destiny"

Awesome job!

Yeah, there isn't much to say, you created an awesome emotional HipHop piece. Keep it up, CKC! :P
10/10; 5/5

CKC2009 responds:

thanks T-Free!.


This is absolutely amazing! :P

CKC2009 responds:

why thanks you..


oh wow! this song should be on a movie, that would be soo cool!

CKC2009 responds:

lol hell yh


it's totally diffrent form anay thing else.

CKC2009 responds:


Compliments unto thee

Truly, thine music doth bring much joy to mine heart. Continue onward and upward, for thy prowess to create such wonderful songs truly be an art rarely seen. For thee to allow us all to hear such melodic beauty and grace, tis truly a wonderment. I salute thee, and hope that thy shalt continue to create such art, for truly thy art a master.

CKC2009 responds:

that was if not, the best review i have ever recieved....

thanks you so much.!