Reviews for "CKC - Touch of Destiny"

Epic in all senses of the word...

This song simply DEMANDS some slow-mo action, or some badass walking sequence...! Say some space fleet engagement or maybe some up close infantry action...

I simply can't BEGIN to list the number of ways this song could be used... but Slo-mo is a recurring theme to most of what comes to mind...

GREAT SONG! Want more like it!

CKC2009 responds:

lol thanks

Compliments unto thee

Truly, thine music doth bring much joy to mine heart. Continue onward and upward, for thy prowess to create such wonderful songs truly be an art rarely seen. For thee to allow us all to hear such melodic beauty and grace, tis truly a wonderment. I salute thee, and hope that thy shalt continue to create such art, for truly thy art a master.

CKC2009 responds:

that was if not, the best review i have ever recieved....

thanks you so much.!


thats all i could say is it ok if u use this instramental cuz i am thinkin of doing a song

CKC2009 responds:

as long as u dont make money off da song then yh.



CKC2009 responds:

Epic.. indeed.


I do have a soft spot for orchestral hip-hoppy songs - all this is missing is some droney vocals done in like.. a brian mcknight voice :) - I love the beginning - just starts out so great - and you just don't butcher it as it goes along - that's... a nice change on this site. The whole thing sounds epic. Dunno about that crashy thing at 1:55 tho - sounded kinda peakish.. parts of this could even do with anoyther melody on top - ohh and you just put one in - kewl - dunno about your choice of synths.. it seems to clash somewhat with the overall style of the song..

ahh and then the bridge.. some nice soloing..

overall very kewl! Come check my stuff out if you're ever bored and maybe i'll review more of your stuff ;)


CKC2009 responds: