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Reviews for "Frank´s Adventure 4"


how I waited for this to happen!
Great game, like always.


Theres a bug/glitch...

I started my game and carried on as usual but when i had 6 pics i had to go on a beer run for money and i happened to go up form the save point and i got stuck or something as i went up the next screen and i couldnt see myself and couldnt move i think you can get stuck in the scenery...i hope you can check this out (it was in the GOLD version)...
great game!!!


my god this is heaven!!!!!!

man this truly is some f*cking ass p*rn it suits the pleasure


Where can you use that lobster trap? Can somebody please tell me.

pretty damn good

I enjoyed this for like 2 hours. so great job. only question I had was the damn panda bear asking a question I had no answer to so what was the answer? either way great job