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Reviews for "Frank´s Adventure 4"


To be honest, I haven't finished it yet... BUT, I played ALL the other games & they all rocked me!!!

Finally, a long Frank's Adventure game.

Dude, ditch the whole health system. Trying to figure how to get all the nude pictures is plenty challenging without having to worry about dying. Also, that shooting range game is fucking cheap! The pigs will turn around right as you shoot them.


dude, im stuck. someone help me this is complicated. it seem like these games are getting harder and harder each time a new one comes out.

I love this

Keep up the good work!

"great game"

i really do enjoy this game alot it was complicated at first,and yea i looked up the walkthrough if i didnt i think my head would have exploded by now it is a complete challenge and it takes alot of thinking i couldnt take it i had to look up the walkthrough i love the music both "A" and "B" all the pictures were great (like always) it took me 6 hours i will explain why when you have to use the invisible potion i didnt know when to use it so i used it before i was suppose to so when it came to when i noticed i needed it to get through the guard i was "holy crap" i seriously smacked my forehead i wanted to die lmao but yea i was like ok karen you can do this so i restarted and i finished it it took me like i said before 6 hours but it was really worth it i hope they make a number 5 my best luck :)