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Reviews for "Frank´s Adventure 4"

its a repeat of the 3rd game....stupid IMPOSSIBLE shit mini game that prevents me from being able to complete this.....well now youve lost a fan since this is the way you want to make your games. supposed to just be a simple adventure/puzzle game to get some dirty pics and youve made that into a game that me and many others cant win. you got it right in the first 2 and even after the complaints about the monkey game on the 3rd you went and repeated that mistake.

Shooting game is shit just like the monkey jump arcade game in 3. You need to work on your games man. Lots of potential here but ultimately a shit game.

I've played all 4 games and completed them. here is the GUIDE for these one:

First you'll need tons of money, you can go to the titty guy, rigth in weedterdam, he gives you 50 buckets, go to the machine, and buy him 5 tittybeer. Repeat it at much as you can. You can buy tons of beers and give him in 5 to 5, make sure he gives you each time the 50 buckets.

With the money, buy the pill from the black dressed guy and a pair of panties in the machine.
Go to the maze, find the bignosed guy and give him the pill. He gives you the first PIC.
You can look fot the rope and the empty bucket too in the maze.

Then go to the other city, buy the ticket in the airport (MAKE SURE YOU DONT HAVE ANY WEED WITH YOU, THE GUARD WILL TAKE IT).

Take the baseballs on the floor and give them to the robot in the top rigth part of the city (4 buckets/ball) to gain some extra money.

In the other city, next to the airpot, talk with the white guy, wrote the name "natsumi" and point him in the place where she is (high building in the middle, rigth part, also you can check it up going there before). When you go to this part of the city an airplane will wrote her name in the sky, talk with her and she will give you the second PIC.

Look for the panda too, and wrote "zock" (the cientific in frank's adventure 3). He will give you the trird PIC.

In the bottom part of the citty, at rigth there is a guy looking fot some panties. Give him the ones you bouth from the machine. He will give you frog eyes. With these ones go to the hut it the north, talk with the shaman girl and she will give you an invisibility potion (for the airport).

Use the empty bucket and go to the bottom left part of the city and use the bucket to take some residues. Use the residues in the carrot field. Tank with the king carrot and he will give you some poisoned carrots.

Come back to weedsterdam. (You can go sell the pics to the king, at the end of the maze: 100/pic)

Give the poisoned carrots to the guy with the rabbit, north of weedsterdam, and he will give you a cage.

Go to the south of weedsterdam and buy 11 (ELEVEN) grams of weed.

Go to the park and buy flowers: RED, PINK and ORANGE.

Go to the airport again, buy the ticket (or not), use the invisibility potion and go pass the guard with the weed.

In the city, go to the south and give one gram ofweed to the girl there, she will give you the fourth PIC.

Go the to the rugby/american footbal (or wathever) field, and give the guy 10 grams of weed. He will give you the football/egg ball. Give the ball to the guy with the green car. The blonde snoob girl will see you. Visit her later and she will give you the fifth PIC.

Go to the left of the city, talk with the beard guy with the dog and give him the rope and the bunny cage. He will give you a lobster trap. Use the lobster trap in the sea till you caugth one of them. Use the lobster with Bill Clinton and he will give you his McBurguer. Use the McBurger with the pinkhaired girl in weedterdam and she will give you the sixth PIC.

Go to the shot game, al the rigth of the city and win it (ADVICE: some pigs run fast, others are slower. My personal advice: only shot the ones below, in the dark green part: they are bigger and only come from the rigth). With the pork go to Mr.Dick restaurant and roast the pork. Go to "Paris Hilton" and her bodyguard. Tank with the bodyguard and give him the roasted pork. Then tank with Paris and give her the flowers (HINT: flower colos are the same as the butterfly she has in hair: red, pink, orange - as said before). She will give you her titty bag.

Come back to weedsterdam.

Give the burguer to the pinkaired girl for the pic.

Go to the bottom part of the city, tank with the bluehaired girl in the bridge and use the titybag. She will give you the seventh PIC.

Now you have all 7 PICS. Go t the king in the noth of the maze, sell the the pics.


really big one.....but finaly made it

This game is SO big compared to the other ones..

The one I liked the most it was the third adventure.. This one has some nice features like easy money with the robot and the beer man.. But.. idk..