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Reviews for "Frank´s Adventure 4"

Number 4!?

Hoorah! Frank's adventure four. I've been waiting for this! ^_^ *Zoom*

FRANKS 4!?!?! O. M. G.

I was all like "franks adventure 4!!??!!" *play*
This is a bit frustrating thought because it isn't as straight foward as the otheres. It also depends alot on skill, not somuch on the "scavenger hunt" aspect (like you need to get the pork for the dog, but you need to shoot fast moving targets to get the pork)
the hole minigame bit is good too. I like how you made a way to get unlimmited cash, but I would like some way to buy extra lives. The save feature was a godsend however.
one problem: the nudie pics realy take awile to get to don't they? I'm goning to have to come back to this flash. It looks like it might take me ALL WEEK to beat this one! XP @_@*

I'm voting five cause this NEEDS to be on the frontpage. (and if anyone beats this, A WALKTRHOUGH WOULD BE HELPFUL!!)


The pervert king made 4th installment of franks adventure.Awsome,


that owz awesome!!! i bet that took u a long time to make
that! i woz wanderin if u cud help me make summit like that?
ya no like given me sum of the codes u used 4 cetain parts of it.
i'd reely appriciate it. codes like for the walls and loosing a life wen hit ect. thank u if u tell me.
honestly i love that game.

Another good Frank's Adventure.

First off, i'm suprised it took you this long to post it on Newgrounds, I beat it last week at Mausland.de :)
Anyways, another great "Frank's Adventure" game.
The only problem I had with the game was that when you turn off sound (the speaker in the top right corner), it turns off the music, but leaves the sound. After a while, I start disliking the Frank's Adventure music and when I listen to 'my' music, I'd like to listen to it WITHOUT the seagulls. ^_^
Other then that, great game.
Keep up the good work.