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Reviews for "Frank´s Adventure 4"

The 4th game is all types of unnecessary. So much back and fourth. But as I went around I got obsessed with finding the baseballs. I'm glad they added that save feature that helped a lot because I lost all my lives and went back to the save from earlier.

I'm happy I collected as much as I could before I went to the next town, but you would still need to come back for the flowers for Paris Milton.

I think if you forget something or want to sell the pics sooner, you should buy more that 1 pair of panties to get the frog eyes and create the invisible potion.

Plus, the pig shooting game, I only shot the pig in the 1st row after every 3 pigs went past because it sped up - making it harder to shoot.

lol same me and my mates found this back when we was in school and had no clue but we liked it all the same then we saw BOOBIES OOOOH NOES XD It was really made well though good times qwqb

The fact that I played this as a kid as well as all the Frank's Adventure games without understanding it was an adult game sorta makes me wish my parents and older brother supervised me more on the internet lol.

So like the website advertised by Castle Cat has hosting issues, so you can't really play gold anymore.

Damn thing is lost forever.

Pretty challenging these damn pigs !! I had fun, thanks sir. If I may say something: put in some art and animation (I missed he previous mini games xD ).

PS: nice music, I got the for discs