Reviews for "[Mindphase1] Finite"


That's pretty hypnotic, i like it indeed.

I would've liked to see a bit more variation though...
Amazing velocity / dynamics though!


Love the bass and the piano


I really liked the eerie style of music this had it sounds like it would come from a Silent Hill game,all the instruments were mixed together very well and overall this was a relaxing & enjoyable song to listen to.

Good job

Well... this is my first review for the songs of "newgrounds" well... this is a a good conbination of piano and bass that's sound really great i love the song keep the good job

really... Congratulationz :)

like this feel

like this alot, listen to it on my ipod when I want to get ideas for things, please create more like this! I dont know what the process was during that day or time but you were in the right mood!