Reviews for "[Mindphase1] Finite"


That's pretty hypnotic, i like it indeed.

I would've liked to see a bit more variation though...
Amazing velocity / dynamics though!

Nice and peacful

I'm shur it could use a little more in it though =P


just a little more umph to it and it would be perfect

Good job

Well... this is my first review for the songs of "newgrounds" well... this is a a good conbination of piano and bass that's sound really great i love the song keep the good job

really... Congratulationz :)

That piano sounds familiar..

Thats right. It sounds like you used the piano from your song ''Crossing the Waterfall'' and turned it into a spooky tune. More of a fog infested scenery. Mysterious agendas foretold by the anonymous. The answer only lying feet away from you. Extremely peculiar, and unknown like. Please continue your musical talent. You really know how to hit the atmopsheric side of music.

floccari responds:

Yea, when I finished writing this one I realized it's like taking the personality from "Crossing the Waterfall" and putting it in a mystery setting. Thanks!