Reviews for "Chuck Murdock #001"

"I need you to be strong Buttercup"

Great story and dialogue.



Hahaha.. This kicked ass on so many levels!!!

Fuck me.. this flash is shit.. shit funny!! I just had to put that out there!! This is the first flash i've ever reviewed.. i just thought it deserved to be done!! "Can I fuck your arm-pit".. where the hell did Ken pull that from?... actually.. I don't wanna know!! Aside from Ken's 'arm-pit fucking' he's made a serious, stylish flash with very impressive graphics, perfect sound (credit music rocked), all with an insanely healthy dose of humour!!.. if not a little twisted!!

can i fuck your armpit

this is relly funny i want to fuck it in its arm oit

Good Movie

Funny, Spontaneous, and is it me or does Chuck Murdock look a hell of a lot like Charlie Sheen.