Reviews for "Chuck Murdock #001"

Tony Danza's best acting ever!

hahaha, nice credits...and very funny short :D 5 N 10

eeerrrmmm... wtf?

LMFAO!!! thats the best flash ive seen in ages!!! lmao! genius. Im gonna watch it again!

Lolz and such.

Eeeeuhhmm...WTF?? :D

Oh man i'm still laughin.

hahah, i'm writing this while laughin.....still laughin! Eh, can't breath, but still typin....oh man, that.was.FUNNY! U better be workin on the next episode real soon pal, 'cause I need that, it's too funny....FUNNY!


vegeta, let one of them horses fuck u in tha ass and see if u still like them haha