Reviews for "Chuck Murdock #001"

Not bad at all.

Prolly wont be a fav but hey it was pretty damn well put together. Lil short though. Nice way to close it! Can I fuck your armpit......priceless...

Well written jokes!! YAY!

Best line; "Can I fuck your armpit?"
Good job.

N0t bad but very short

I like everything about this movie except for how short it was. I liked the humor in the credit, not every day the a 12-gage has a name. I feel like you would of scored better if your movie was longer. I know I keep prichen about how short it was and I know how how hard it is to make flash but in the end, it's worth it.

Another Great Flash By A Great Artiste'

Love your art style. You may not chug out cartoons as fast as Britney Spears chugs out babies but each and every one you make is pure gold. *removes lips from ass* Your next cartoon should feature Goatduck exclusively, although it would probably just end up being the Professor screwing a whale blowhole for nigh on ten minutes, knowing the Professor.

ohh, you can fuck myarmpit any day!!