Reviews for "Chuck Murdock #001"


Cant say ever tried the armpit, hope the chick shaves.... anyway, wicked ending bud. the rest was entertaining.
Be nice to see another Chuck Murdock

Hmm.. Well..

It was okay.. but the only funny part about it was the end. It could be better if the off-humor there was in there, were a bit better. All in all, cute. =\


nice graphics and the humor was hilarious. you have got to make more.

Good job!!!!!!

Hahaha.. This kicked ass on so many levels!!!

Fuck me.. this flash is shit.. shit funny!! I just had to put that out there!! This is the first flash i've ever reviewed.. i just thought it deserved to be done!! "Can I fuck your arm-pit".. where the hell did Ken pull that from?... actually.. I don't wanna know!! Aside from Ken's 'arm-pit fucking' he's made a serious, stylish flash with very impressive graphics, perfect sound (credit music rocked), all with an insanely healthy dose of humour!!.. if not a little twisted!!

This Was Fucking Brilliant!

Damn. This one made me laugh out loud. I don't find many flashes that do that. Good job, man.