Reviews for "Chuck Murdock #001"


Well done


this video is very funny

one question

the whole thing is pretty good. i don't find that VERY funny, but it was worth a giggle.
but eh... what did he want to do to that woman's armpit? O.o;;

I didn't realise...

Firstly, this was hilarious! Well done, I loved that moment "Nurse! Where's that 12 gua...oh right, sorry", it put a smile on my face!

I love this kind of humour, just really fun and ridiculous. I didn't realise that you had done Super Retarded Dog as well which I watched some time back, and to save posting two things, well done for both, they're both fantastic!

only criticism; length of the flash!

Maybe this Movie is Perfect

Your humor is beyond phenominal your drawing and animation principles are spot on and your storyboarding is quite impressive. Perhaps the only thing lacking in this movie is the fact that others who have reviwed it before me are jealous of your incredible humor skills that are associated with fucking incredible drawing and animation I dont know how to rate this beyond perfect but im sure some studio or internship will have come your way by now. Fucking incredible dude.