Reviews for "The Final Hour"


for some reason i cant hear it!!!

Dimrain47 responds:

WTF?!?!? A lot of people have been saying they can't hear it when they try to play it on NG. Try downloading it and playing it in your default media player. Sorry....I don't know what's wrong....

you are aswome at this

you are the only creator whos works, everyone of them I like, they are all aswome, are you a techno song writer? If not you should realy consider it.

about the guitar solo

i dont think that it was necissarily too fast, it was that it changed octaves from high to low so fast that it was hard to follow with your ear. i dont know, it just wasnt to my taste. whatever. really good though. keep it up


HOLY COW! Freak'in awesome, i swear you're the best author on NG.


THIS SONG RUUULES!! thats all i can think that will show how much i love your music.i guess that means i should shut up now.....keep up the good work(again...)