Reviews for "The Final Hour"

Another grand song

Dude, I am loading my Ipod up with this stuff so fast.


you have a dimond .... horay it looks so preatty on ur page.... well noew st issah can say shit to u now ^_^

keep it up !!! OMFG


5/5,10/10.this was awesome

just skimmin...

just skimmin through his songs, leaving little remarks tellin how awsome his songs are lol

The best part's from 0:00 - 2:39

You are the most unbelievable artist I've seen beside NT (Nemesis Theory) and Paragon X9. I love each and every one of your songs. Please don't stop making music. I hope your hard at work on lots of songs or something. It would be different if you would have told us you were done, but you just left. Please give us at least one last song...