Reviews for "The Final Hour"

The best... yet

I must honestly say, this is the best song i have heard in all the years of my life. I commend as well as encourage you to keep up the good work. You talk about a CD in one of your submissions yet you have no site or anyway of knowing how to get it when you are done making it. This information would be much apreaciated.


Wow, I just happened to come across your music, and I must say I really do enjoy it. Some of the best I've heard. Keep up the good work!

wow... speechless

this is music for some sort of super fast car race with big explosions, and lots of tension.
i feel like i just got out of the winners car. lol.
you are very talented, keep it up!

Best song ever, if not the best

Just cant stop listening to this man its soooo good

How apropriate. This is my final hour before my second term exam. I feel so pumped up now...