Reviews for "The Final Hour"

I love this guy already.


Dimrain47 responds:

Uhh...I....love...you too?? lol....

Very Nice

Im not the biggest fan of techno, but your work has inspired me to look farther into the style. I love how it keeps a nice steady beat, has nice sounds that blend and work on each other, but doesnt slur together. Overall this is a good job. I give you an 8 on diversity because i counted around 7 sounds. From what i hear, they ussualy have around 15-20. If im wrong, tell me so, im new to techno.


this is so awesome:)


See, when you listen to Dimrain, the song is in your ming for hours then you want to learn how to play it on guitar. This is another example. And this sounds like the roots to Infernoplex and Operation Evolution! Two amazing songs.


very awesome love it!