Reviews for "The Final Hour"


See, when you listen to Dimrain, the song is in your ming for hours then you want to learn how to play it on guitar. This is another example. And this sounds like the roots to Infernoplex and Operation Evolution! Two amazing songs.


i guve this a 10/5 and 100/10 if possible best techno song ive EVER HEARD..EVEEER


5/5,10/10.this was awesome


this is so awesome:)

Holy sh...

Hmm... I heard this before in one of your other songs, nearly the same... Could it be like ehm... Twilight techno? Not in the beginning, but from 0:36 (in twilight) I recognize things, not the melody, but when the bass's coming, you understand me, right? Still good! I like your work, you're one of my fav. artists at techno.
I gave you 10 because I like twilight techno very much.