Reviews for "The Final Hour"


The melody is good, really good, but I just think you really should master the way you manage sound effect.

Percussions aren't such attractive, and these are the basis of an electro soundtrack. Make sure they aren't crappy.

Add more background effects. There were few, and they weren't giving a huge atmospheric feeling of the song.

Principal key notes were simple, but on a fast an intense track like this, it is better to keep them so. Just make sure to improve these two points above :)

Good song overall.

just skimmin...

just skimmin through his songs, leaving little remarks tellin how awsome his songs are lol

Awesome. >.<

I love this song. 'Tis a work of art. Nice job. :P


the comment below by BiG-S is by me, i just wanted to let u know that i got a new acc.

this song is heaps actiony and its kinda different from your other songs, and as i said below, its addictive!


i really like this song, its hell addictive. What program you use to make ur songs???