Reviews for "The Final Hour"


this is fantastic man, i usually hate Techno but this one's awesome, and if u can... gimme some of urs like that one ! biggie514@hotmail.com !!!

Nice !


for some reason i cant hear it!!!

Dimrain47 responds:

WTF?!?!? A lot of people have been saying they can't hear it when they try to play it on NG. Try downloading it and playing it in your default media player. Sorry....I don't know what's wrong....

Lovin' it!

Ain't much else to say that I haven't already said...it's fucking awesome! ...though I'm still kinda partial to Frozen in Black and Silver:)

U Rock!!!!

Man this is an excellent piece of techno, keep up the excellent work!

blew me away

Dude, I have all your songs and they're amazing. You are the only artist that has achieved that. You should be proud of that. Usually I don't like when someone uses the same instrument in all of their songs, but you are an exception. Keep up the good work.