Reviews for "The Final Hour"


youre work rocks, and is the best on new grounds, no question about it. ill never have to review ur work because i KNOW it will be incredible. keep up the good work!

me again.... again... again?

OK i promise no long review... just ONE word... awesome... THERE! i think i did it!! no.. i cant leave it as one word.... gahh.. ah well just wanted to say this is my personal favorite of mine.. u did a good job on this one... but "the prototype" is growing on me as well... well im trying to make this review SMALL! and its not working! love this song.. brings out the... me... in me.. ah whatever that made no sence... well yeah ok im going to go now cause i have no idea what to say next... so later...

5/5 (again)

"a fan of many"
(yeah yeah.. respond... ill change..we get it..)


it was around 0:51 that the guitar solo happened...
anyway watever
sick song, just amazed me


i wasnt very excited when i heard this peice, all i heard was a huge complication of notes in the beginning with a cool beat. around 0:38 was the most confusing part, i couldnt hear what was going on and i couldnt focus to one single melody because there was too much going on.


Dimrain47 responds:

Well, all I can say is that you have my sympathy if you can't find the melody in this song. And 0:38 is the first lead solo, its SUPPOSSED to be incomprehensible. Have you ever heard a rockin' fast guitar solo? I dunno bout you but I sure as hell can't recognze every single note played, but it still sounds cool.

There's a word for fast paces music with thick layers and leads....oh yeah, it's called TECHNO. Go listen to some rap if you need something simpler.

you are aswome at this

you are the only creator whos works, everyone of them I like, they are all aswome, are you a techno song writer? If not you should realy consider it.