Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 2]"

Great as always.

I always look forward to your submissions, this one especially. And it didn’t let me down. Great as always...tho..how did blockhead live after he...dropped his feet? MEH its the mystery of blockhead i guess...

so...in conclusion AMAZING!

more blockhead!

I don't know what i would do without blockhead .... I would just be high and alone ... or with friends, BUT ... if we didnt have blockhead our smoke filled heads wouldnt be close to as happy! Keep making blockhead for stoner's like me around the world ... WE NEED HIM!


i like the plot line and everything. but what really ticks me off is the voice acting for blockhead. It doesn't sound like a blockhead at all, the eccentricity is too low

Better and Better

You are one of the few that keep me coming back to NG just to see if you've put out something new.

I see I haven't been disappointed in my wait.

Your animation keeps getting better and better! This Time Squad deal you have going is really good! Blockhead has the most off the wall coments. LOL! It's so funny in these serious circumstances.

If you are doing all of this on your own, my hat is off to you. Even if you aren't, you created Blockhead and Time Squad, so I am still impressed.

Keep up the awesome work, Mike!!


wow, you are great!! i mean in the first one you had an immence cliffhanger ending. peole were bugging you sumthing rotten about this one and now, another cliffhanger, amazing.. ingenius.. awesome!!