Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 2]"

Enjoyable to watch!

Amazing piece of hard working flash!This was great!Smmoth graphics, Long, Not boring, story was easy to follow!Well done!Hope it wins the big 3! ( Daily Feature, weekly users Choice, Review crew pick )

Great Sequel

You havea great story line, and it's pretty funny how Blockhead is connected to all of this. Those graphics are very detailed and something I would expect on a television show. The style is very unique and the humor is the best part. Blockhead is stupid in some of the funniest ways, but may get TOO annoying after a while. The sound is loud and clear, and you did great synching with it as well. I still think Blockhead may havve close to nothing to do with the storyline, but he is still funny as hell, and I enjoy it.
Grade: A+

Totally awesome

Normally a character such as block head couldn't be thrown into a story like this, but you pulled it off very well. I very much liked everything about this "block head special" and would love to see another like it.

My one and only small issue is: that the animation seemed a little flawed in places, but I'm only being picky.

The-Swain responds:

Glad it was a general appeal, my friend.

Well done.

Man you're pro. This deserved #2.


That guardian fellow from the roman/german colliseum sure looked like He-Man to me... Was that on purpose, or a coincidence?

The-Swain responds:

Coincidence? Hahaha, come now, you and I both know that Masters of the Universe set the precendent for everything that exists today. In fact, if the American presidency would only base itself upon Prince Adam and Grayskull, then the world would no longer have problems.

It would have awesome.