Reviews for "Time Squad [Part 2]"

Nice work

Really liked this one to. The utter stupidity of blockhead rules

Fun =)

Damn I like your flash Swain ^^ Please do more!


I couldn't work out what this was supposed to be. It wasn't funny enough to be a comedy, and it was too cliched to be taken seriously.

...That gladiator guy looked exactly like he-man.

The-Swain responds:

If being a serious movie or a comic movie are the only two dimensions of animated media that matter to you, then you've got a long road of disappointment ahead of you.

Who is "All Smiles" now? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahaha
(actually, I just spat beer all over the place while watching the Tom Green sketch where he lets the bird into the bank)


I normally don't like blockhead. I just normally think he isn't put together too well. But now that he has the element of this time squad, his stupidity actually seems brillant. This is really a well developed cartoon, that has a good mix of comedy and mystery. It's so good that you actually like Blockhead even if you didn't before. The animation is smooth, realistic, and has its own originallity. It's definitely your best work.


I love this! LOL It's so awesome!!!