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Reviews for "Wake Me Up at E3"

Being obvious

Yeah, you said you can't sing, and you can't. However, it matters a lot more than you let onto. I would have liked it more if you weren't tonedef =P

However, I liked the video a lot. I think the more unknown facts you put into the song were the funniest. You put a lot of work into this and I thank you =D keep up the good work!

Wow your soo lucky...

Wow your soo lucky. But i am watching it on X-Play. Can't wait till the Wii comes out. Yea!! and....the new Sonic Game and the PS3.




Can't wait till i get that 1000 dollars to buy Nitendo Wii and PS3.

This movie was freakin awesome.

Holy crap, i've seen alot of parodies and a lot of gamer stuff, but that deffinitely greatly mixed two of the greatest things ever. kutos to you who are the master of parodies.

so correct

in its time video gaming has had its ups and downs.rite now its downing because the new systems prices are F**KING hysterical!

P.S. green Day sold out when it released american idiot!they used to be the kings!

You hurt gamers everywhere with that song.

It would have been worth watching if I hadn't had to cut off me ears to stop the pain caused by your song.