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Reviews for "Wake Me Up at E3"


Its nice to watch an ani about computer games/consoles where the author doesnt whine like a little bitch about which console sucks or is great. The singing was quite off key but i dont care cos the guy had the balls to do it himself and put it out there anyway so kudos matey!

i thought it was OK

it seemed like you stretched the gaming history a little bit. i went to get a bag of munchies at the "huge success" part and it was on microsoft buying out pplz when i got back. the voicing was like he was half asleep.

wow youre right

Microsoft bought rare the creators of banjo-kazooie my favorite game characters (besides mario and sonic) and killed the fans hope of banjo-threeie for wii or gamecube were they were gonna look cool, in the x-box 360 they look rly gay and retrated and thats why i say FUCK MICROSOFT!!!!!! great job though 10/10 5/5

The song was great!

Great flash, and great song.


pretty good, but the singer sucks bad... and xbox is gay :)