Reviews for "Man Becomes God (Remix)"

Impressed again! :)

Damn you have really good ideas man.. You just need to learn the program better and your tunes will be popular... Keep it up Dangomannnn!! :D

10/10 5/5. Hows that for encouragement? lol

-- Chris

Sirdangolot5 responds:

hey, cool, glad you could find this so quickly!
I mean, I uploaded it, like, 1 minute ago? >_>

Anyways, thanks for the review! If you could help me out, I'd love to have someone more experienced take care of the mastering!


Wayyyy cooooool :DD

Exactly the type of music I was looking for!

Do you think this would be a good main theme for a game? I mean on the main menu?

If yes I'll put this on a game I haven't finished ;)

Sirdangolot5 responds:

Totally! I'd be honored!

Right now I'm mostly going for exposure. If you'd like to take a sample of this or several and use them in a game, I'd love to see it done.

very nice!!!!!!!!

it sounds familiar like iv heard it some where else-0:43 and on but other then that its awesome fucking good job man

Plain Epicity.

I like the beat of this song extremely. I always feel hyped up when I hear this song. In my opinion, you are one of the greatest artists in Newgrounds.

This song is REALLY cool!! 5 stars... I think I will use it in GD!!