Reviews for "Samurai Asshole"

to the guy before me.....

your an idiot tom did not steal this


this game is mad cool

cool, but....

this game was very fun.....but i found myself constantly getting stuck while trying to move.

I give it a 10

Boo? This game is a classic. Just because the technology is old and not as good as today doesn't make it a bad game.

A good start...

This looks like it could've developed into a fun and exciting hack and slash game, but it's far from complete. There really wasn't any challenge to it and the "to be continued" nature of it after the first level made it seem really rushed.

Again, this wasn't a bad game, but it's far from complete and I really kind of expected more from a great programmer like you, Tom. Hopefully this gets a sequel with more levels, better graphics, and some actual challenge. I'd love to see this become as big as Pico.