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Reviews for "Com: "Lilith's Invitation""


me likey

you only need two words to describe this.............. SEXY!, AWSOME!

Fate buddeh. This is good...
REALLY good.. im diggin the Demon look that's goin on here.

Question (if you ever see this): I've only seen 2 (or a few) portraits/drawings that actually were drawn from a front POV, while the rest are slanted. Any reasoning to this? Just a preference?

Seriously tho this is by far my favorite drawing .3.

Well...... shit! I'm DEFINETLY getting a commission done by you now, no matter the cost! I want, no, I NEED IT! Like, SOOO badly! Like when you're on a sex craze drive to fuck the first person you meet but she's(or he's, (lol)) knocking on your door just as you are about to leave to find a one night stand. The succubus has answered the subconcious and unconcious call of pleasure and is here to serve! For a small price of course, which is the last orgasm of your life to have as her payment. Coincidentaly, it'll be the best one you'll ever have too.