Reviews for "Colour My Life"

Simply amazing.

Great song. I can't even describe how much I like this, but yeah, you've got talent. Now, I'm gonna lie down and relax to this.

Great work! Makes me stop and think about life ...

Very relaxing, I can feel the emotion in the song.

I can imagine sitting on a grassy hill, looking up at the passing clouds with a lilac-smelling summer breeze passing through my hair. I would sit there for hours, then close my eyes, and drift off to sleep under the starry sky ...

I swear I hear someone either singing or crying in the background.




Perfect before bed, lol, and to *nearly* everyone else, stfu if he says it's Jazz then it's Jazz got it!?


This make you think about the good things in life ...
PS. This Calm me down everytime i got headache.