Reviews for "Colour My Life"


Nice relaxing song to listen

not bad

it is a very nice song to listen to for a while

Really Soothing and Emotional

Really soothing song for me it helps me relax and it really connects with me emotionaly just a really affecting song great job.


idk what your music does to me, it's so beautiful <3

Makes me so calm, it's so peacefull,

Iloveit, 5/5, 10/10

This song gave my World's a Colour. Because I felt I being left behind by my own friends. But, you just like wanna don't care what happen around you. You just wanna enjoy every moments of your life. With your lover. Imagine there's only you & her. Watching the sky together, as it goes sunrise. And then, walk together with her, enjoying a piece of a lifetime experience. After that's done, she's gone and fade away. And then, you kept thinking about her. Everytime you woke up, you start a new day. Waiting for her to come, but she'll never come. And you just keep hoping that she'll come. But after a day, she didn't come. You are alone at that world. You kept thinking for what happen yesterday. You miss her. And hoping that she'll come. Then, God hear your prayer, and make your wish come true. She's come again into the world, forever. And then, you lived happily ever after! :D Again, good music.