Reviews for "Colour My Life"

good job

i normally hate this kind of music but u did a really good job with this


Well done. Well done.

People here

are so ignorant. They give 8's and 9's for inconsequential issues, like how it's not technically jazz, and how it's "not good enough." People don't seem to realize how much skill and effort goes into such a long and beautiful piece of music. Keep on playing, and remember that you are extremely skilled and can hit the big time some day (if not already).

liluxiaorealnew responds:

thx!!~~ i understand why people think this is not jazz. most people think bout jazz as blues swings and ect... i put all my works under jazz cause they are improvised. well, im just glad people like my songs.

Pure Skill...

Is that really you on the piano or is it the music player? I doubt it...
Who cares anyway! I love the sound of the faint breaths every now and then.


very beautiful, make more, more, MORE!!!!