Reviews for "Colour My Life"

Needs to be recorded better.

Well the recording just isnt done very well. You deserve better recording equipment. i can hear you sniffing in the recording and stepping on the pedals in the song. I can not fully feel the full intention of what this song meant to show, as it is not deep enough.

Go invest in your emotions and pay someone, or get someone who will let you record for free, and record this using a nice recording studio set up! Thheeennnn it will be PERFECT.

liluxiaorealnew responds:

em.... very true...i recorded with one of those mics integrated with headphone. im actually learning how to use different software. need to buy some proper recording gears.


A little better mastering would help to make the piano sound more full. Other than that, this is a very thoughtful, and very smooth piano piece. Not too fancy, and a progression anyone could appreciate, it's a pretty good track. Nice job mang.

Besides xKore's tune, this was the only track on the top 5 that wasn't total trash. But then again... that's typical for newgrounds automated top 5 system.

A fine chart, but more classical than jazz.

If i were to complain about anything, it were to only be that you labeled the style of this piece wrong. Classical, not jazz! Regardless, it is a very pretty piece. And, as Rawrthaas explained, better mastering would complete this piece.

Good song but.......

No matter how much it may sound like jazz it technically isn't jazz, because jazz is improvisation so as soon as it's recorded it is no longer jazz.

liluxiaorealnew responds:

haha... u know this is actually improvised... im not so good at writing sheet music or make midi sound tracks. so all my songs are improvised and i just recorded.

very soothing

but not enough for a 10