Reviews for "Colour My Life"


Reminds me of really emotional music from a great video game or like an epic flash back from some far off land with romance involved. Truly an epic piece you got here and very well executed.

It.. is simply amazing..

This piece of music, is really as they say music to the ears :)
It makes me think about the happier moment of life, and makes me silent as I listen to it.. It is just that emotional.. that beautiful.
Very well done. 10/10 and 5/5 :)


Very peacefull

very nice.

very soothing, feels like i should be in some victorian home in west virginia, y i dont know?


this song brought me through a depression that was getting worse with each day. All I had to do was listen to this song and it made my day seem a little less grey. thank you, to both you and Silver Stitch for creating these wonderful videos and music that can do wonders.