Reviews for "Colour My Life"

great job

a little low volume though. but great work. and yes, it's more classical than jazz.

Very Nice...

Feels very peacefull at the begining....

A fine chart, but more classical than jazz.

If i were to complain about anything, it were to only be that you labeled the style of this piece wrong. Classical, not jazz! Regardless, it is a very pretty piece. And, as Rawrthaas explained, better mastering would complete this piece.


Very peacefull


A little better mastering would help to make the piano sound more full. Other than that, this is a very thoughtful, and very smooth piano piece. Not too fancy, and a progression anyone could appreciate, it's a pretty good track. Nice job mang.

Besides xKore's tune, this was the only track on the top 5 that wasn't total trash. But then again... that's typical for newgrounds automated top 5 system.