Reviews for "Colour My Life"

A little quiet at the start

I liked it, but it is very quiet towards the start. (0-45 seconds) Still good piano playing, though, and i think it is more classical than Jazz.

not bad

it is a very nice song to listen to for a while


So beautiful, reminds me of love.

great music

youve got sound. pretty fast piano parts, and i liked the feeling of anticipation when the music built higher and louder. worth a download.

Ah, I love a piece like this.

I don't come across jazz pieces like this, but they are some of my favorite. Classical piano is amazing, but a jazz piano "ballad" is something else!

The only thing that bugs me the quality of the piano sample, it just sounds a bit to, bright. I would rather hear the dark sound of a grand piano to really warm it up. It would give it a much better sound.

This one just warms up your heart, just warms it up! I can't say much about it, it speaks for itself.

Thanks for not only adding color to my life, but a little jazz as well.