Reviews for "Colour My Life"


Perfect before bed, lol, and to *nearly* everyone else, stfu if he says it's Jazz then it's Jazz got it!?

People here

are so ignorant. They give 8's and 9's for inconsequential issues, like how it's not technically jazz, and how it's "not good enough." People don't seem to realize how much skill and effort goes into such a long and beautiful piece of music. Keep on playing, and remember that you are extremely skilled and can hit the big time some day (if not already).

liluxiaorealnew responds:

thx!!~~ i understand why people think this is not jazz. most people think bout jazz as blues swings and ect... i put all my works under jazz cause they are improvised. well, im just glad people like my songs.

very soothing

but not enough for a 10


your music for colour series is one of the greatest musics I've have heard on a flash movie\game
you really should start a career that invold with piano playing

maybe Final fantasy I believed

Good song but.......

No matter how much it may sound like jazz it technically isn't jazz, because jazz is improvisation so as soon as it's recorded it is no longer jazz.

liluxiaorealnew responds:

haha... u know this is actually improvised... im not so good at writing sheet music or make midi sound tracks. so all my songs are improvised and i just recorded.