Reviews for "Colour My Life"

Beautiful, feeble but encouraging

Nice music. It can clear from vexation and depression

But hey, I got a technologic problem from the song. It is too too too quiet that I almost cannot hear the music. Ordinarily, listening audio in newgrounds is mostly loud, and the volume is normal on my mp3. But this music's volume is weak when playing it in newgrounds, and I cannot hear it on my mp3, even at quiet place.
Does anyone has this problem too?


nothing more beutiful

very nice.

very soothing, feels like i should be in some victorian home in west virginia, y i dont know?

Very Good Work

Music like this in itself is a nice remedy to any turmoil going on in their life. Great work man.


this is an amazing peice i love it, and totally agree with yumyumshisha who cares about 1 or 2 sniffs if it bothers u that much turn it down. keep up the great work hope 2 hear more from u