Reviews for "Colour My Life"


It's very zen.
I likes.

Very Enjoyable

It was very peaceful, I could listen to this for hours

Needs to be recorded better.

Well the recording just isnt done very well. You deserve better recording equipment. i can hear you sniffing in the recording and stepping on the pedals in the song. I can not fully feel the full intention of what this song meant to show, as it is not deep enough.

Go invest in your emotions and pay someone, or get someone who will let you record for free, and record this using a nice recording studio set up! Thheeennnn it will be PERFECT.

liluxiaorealnew responds:

em.... very true...i recorded with one of those mics integrated with headphone. im actually learning how to use different software. need to buy some proper recording gears.

It.. is simply amazing..

This piece of music, is really as they say music to the ears :)
It makes me think about the happier moment of life, and makes me silent as I listen to it.. It is just that emotional.. that beautiful.
Very well done. 10/10 and 5/5 :)


Reminds me of really emotional music from a great video game or like an epic flash back from some far off land with romance involved. Truly an epic piece you got here and very well executed.