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Reviews for "EE4 Album Art"

so awesome artwork n__n!! love it, breathtaking.
- Pandasticality

Great perspective. I'm a fan of sci fi things and you make it look amazing for the eye.

whoa! it's the future and it's so awesome how you draw the buildings!

I love this peice I added it to my favourites last year and I came back to look at it agian.I downloaded this image so I Could cut it up into thirds to view them individually. I have to say they look allot cooler like that you can really see the individual themes better that way it almost seems like their 3 totally diffrent pictures then the one above. while when their combined it all kind of melds together leaving it allot dryer.

I like the perspective in which the picture was drawn and the colors look amazing too. I'm in love with sci-fi drawings like these :P