Reviews for "Robotic Shi"

Samurai bot?! HOLY COW! This is awesome! So complex,such well coloring,such an epic topic! 5 stars,man,5 stars! :D

WOW mate! Good job on this! This is a reeeally sick piece! I really like the scenery along with the smaller details on the robot. Really good job!

this picture...FLAWLESS!
I want to marry this picture and have kids with it just to see more of it!

deathink responds:

You're in luck, I have a new one I am uploading on the 10th! Be here to check it out.

How the HELL have I not reviewed this before?! It even seems extremely familiar! Maybe I'm thinking of some other drawing you made. This is absolutely fantastic! It's one of the most detailed pictures I've ever seen! You certainly got the background, foreground and everything in between down perfectly!

It's probably the best thing I've seen for Robot Day ever. Every single part of his body is shining with something interesting. I could just go on forever studying every part of his body. It's probably the best detailed robot I've ever seen! I just now noticed the tank on his flag. Of course, I didn't even notice the flag before.

The machine: Even in death there is honor. And in rebirth there is greater honor and greater strength. I am machine I am man I am Kikai samurai and there is no one greater than I.