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Reviews for "T O A S T"

Very creative flash you have there

I think it was a very good short film. I lok forward on seeing more animation in the near future.

Are you serious?

Enough said...

Liquidsword responds:

It can be viewed as a serious animation. But no, I was not serious when I made it. Only for fun.


FRENCH TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

short and sweet

Nicely done, well drawn out charaters, good idea to run with, excilent motion tweening, nice relaxing music and what the toaster say at the end, funny.



Nice Suttle flash

I agree this shows great potential. Lose the handwriting. I took away From your piece. Try the text instead.

Liquidsword responds:

Thanks alot. And the text was an ode to the text in the animation F I S H I N G, by qho.