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Reviews for "T O A S T"


really smooth and nice music but the text was ugly.....other then that its good

Liquidsword responds:

the text was an ode to qho. But thanks!

(( Notbad ))

This was notbad the animation was very smooth and you picked some good music to really flow with the animation, i did however think the animation was abit short though, maybe add abit more next time.

Add more comtent and longer.

A decent animation with soothing music, nice work.


hmm toast

really relaxing,
only one thing, when the toastroaster was thinking there were some really ugly letters, you draw them with pencil? y don't you just choose a font an type it?

Im hungry to Toast!

I loved this. Great stuff and I expect more from you.

I also checked out your site as well. You show great potential. I can already see that in a couple submissions you'll make Front page for sure. Your artwork is superb.

Good job.

cool one

that was a pretty cool short animation. i liked the concept behind this one and the graphics were great too. the drawings really made this one great. nice work on it.