Reviews for "the YuYu"


This Flash truly is a work of art. I call it "Perfect"


WOW! This is so awesome, mate! A true inspiration! I love the squish-fest at the end. It was my favorite part.

very good keep it up

quality amazing graphics and very stylish this deserves to be at the top and i hope your next one is as good if not better


This is some great work, loved all of it.

Maybe a lil short... but I'm sure what you gave us took an extremely long time anyways.

I liked it so much i even did a review for you, first in a years :)

wow...this is the best flash ive ever seen

wow...this is the best flash ive ever seen better than madness,anything....there are shows on actual tv i would turn off to watch this....omg...how long did this take u...u r the best animator ever...ive never in my life gotten so into a cartoon or tv show.....this is the most amazing thing ever!