Reviews for "the YuYu"

I love the camera angle when the boy thing runs away from the Yuyu. I also really like the song that plays also because it is cool and it also fits in with the run away.

I love this song and the animation!

good animation, didn't tell a story.

I could see this a thousand times and I would NEVER get bored. I love the music, I love the illustrations and you're amazing with the animation; and I must recognise how GREAT they fit in. Bitey is also a very likeable and nice character; you did well by choosing him as the main one, I really like him! Anyway, you must already know all this. Keep doing it, Adam! :)
(Oh, and where could I get the song? Thanks!)

Man this is good, the music, the art style, the chase, THE FREAKING CHASE MAN!

5 Stars, good job!