Reviews for "Las Aventuras de Mr Coo#3"


Gran trabajo, una matadera de fbf! Muy buen loop al final, bastante fluido. Lo unico es que esta muy corto y no tiene mucha trama que digamos mas que llamar la atencion y pues... lo logro, llama la atencion y te deja viciado en el loop.


Yes, finally, the new Mr. Coo! This one was great in every way (it was even much funnier than the previous one, I thought), but it was too short unfortunately. I would've rather you'd combined #3 and #4 so that the new flash would've been the same length as the original Mr. Coo - my score would've been higher. :)

Still, this is absolutely fantastic - I love it!


I like the humor, art, and orginality. Please keep making these! 10 for carrot violence.


A really good movie, not quite as good as the first one though.
The animation is super fluid and stylish, you got some mad FBF skills. :)
I like how everything seems to be able to transform into other things, kinda reminds me of some children's show on TV.

It's pretty short, but I could watch that funny loop forever so it doesn't matter much :P

Keep it up!


el lazo al fin era un toque agradable...

I liked this...the animation was great and smooth...and your timing is right on as well...awsome work...